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Reid Sohn SIG47

Designed to produce German tonal characteristics, this Baby Grand piano is manufactured for Reid Sohn by the Samick Corporation of Korea. The SIG 47 has a surprisingly good tone for a 4ft 7ins grand piano. Well designed and well made the SIG 47 will surely surprise any pianist that try's it. Available in Ebony, Walnut or a

Mahogany high gloss cabinet.  P.O.A

New Grand Pianos

Samick  SIG 50

The SIG 50 has a nicely balanced keyboard, Treble down to Bass the notes fall evenly one to the other. As with all Samick pianos the SIG 50 incorporates the German Imperial Scale, thus giving it a very pleasing, sweet 'German piano tone'. 4ft 11ins in length the SIG 50 can be supplied fitted with an Ebony, Walnut or Mahogany high gloss cabinet.  P.O.A

Yamaha GB1K

Manufactured in Indonesia, this is Yamaha's entry level Baby Grand Piano

The tone of this instrument is 'very Yamaha';  Bright, with volume, if this is the tone for you then we would recommend that you also look and listen to the Japanese made Yamaha GC1 grand piano. The GB1K is shown here fitted with an Ebony cabinet, it is also available finished in Mahogany High Gloss. P.O.A

Yamaha GC1

Same tone as the GB1K, however because the GC1 is slightly larger than the GB1K (extra 4" in length) it's tone is more refined than the smaller piano. The GC1 is certainly worth viewing. Made in Japan pedigree, the GC1 will not disappoint Yamaha enthusiasts. The GC1 is available fitted with an Ebony or Mahogany gloss cabinet. P.O.A.

Reid Sohn SIG47 Piano Samick SIG 50 Piano Yamaha GB1K Piano Yamaha GC1 Piano

Yamaha GC2

This 5ft 8" grand piano naturally has longer strings that the GB1K and GC1, consequently giving a more 'full' tone than its 'Baby Grand' counterparts, especially in the Bass register. Equipped with Yamaha's efficient action, which gives the GC2 a medium weighted key touch. Like the GC1; the GC2 is available fitted with an Ebony or Mahogany gloss cabinet. P.O.A

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