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Aspiring pianists often prefer a particular kind of 'touch weight' for their Piano keys.

A pianist should always be happy with these settings on their Piano.  When a piano has been properly adjusted, it ensures that the player is able to produce the full range of repetition, 'tone colour' and dynamics.  

Badly adjusted Pianos can actually hinder a pianist's progress. Reid's technicians have the specialist skills to adjust a Pianos mechanical action, so that whatever their age a pianist can play to their full potential.   Each Piano supplied by Reid's is adjusted by technicians, to an optimum playing level.

“Piano Technicians can learn virtually all the basics within about seven years.  The sophisticated skills take much longer.”




“Polishing fine surfaces to a high standard takes time and lots

Of patience.  Whether the material used is old or new, the results we achieve must always be of the highest calibre”

“Clients disbelieve that their Piano, which we started with, is the same Piano we deliver - so dramatic are the improvements”

Piano Tuning Piano

Grand Piano Restoration

J Reid Pianos have the craftsmen and expertise that you can trust. J Reid Pianos have restored a great number of beautiful pianos over the years and the care taken with these magnificent instruments is impressive. Take a look at some of the restoration work done below.

Piano restoration by true craftsmen.

During the early part of the 20th century piano production was at its zenith, almost every major town within the UK had some form of piano production. Families could even purchase a 'Build Your Own Piano' manual and then proceed to make their own piano at home, by buying in ' piano parts', thus creating a true Family Piano ! However it must be said that by modern day manufacturing standards those home made pianos were extremely crude and difficult to play !

During 1960’s and 1970's it was still quite easy for piano enthusiasts to find a good quality used English piano in relatively good order. (a) because of  large scale pre war production  (b) due to many pianos being just 40 - 50 years old !

Moving onto the 21st century this reservoir of used English pianos has now become greatly depleted, mainly because of age.  One can still browse the Internet and find some older pianos being offered at give away prices………however a low piano price of will often mean that the instruments owner is quite desperate to be rid of the piano, having initially tried their local music shop, school, pub or social club as an avenue of sale.

Caution is the by word when purchasing any instrument ( not just pianos ) online.

Reid’s often renovate good quality pianos (usually German made or designed ) however there are many instruments that are simply beyond economical repair.

It is worth bearing in mind…..That if an instrument has never been renovated, then the older the piano the greater the repair / renovation cost!

Work in Progress

This page will follow the progress of a Bechstein Model B grand piano restoration in our factory at 184 St Ann’s Road, Tottenham, London N15 5RP. The piano was originally made in Berlin circa 1907.

We start the full restoration of a grand piano by disassembling the piano. Here we can see that the frame and strings are severely corroded and in a rather poor state.

We restore the frame and the soundboard by removing the frame and making repairs to the soundboard.

The soundboard needs to be perfect in order to maintain the pianos sound character.

The frame needs work to correct any problems caused by this pianos long and eventful life.

The soundboard and bridge needs further work in the next phase of the restoration.

The soundboard must be sealed with a combination of spray treatments.

New Strings

Replacing the piano strings is not as simple as you may think. The bass strings have to be specially made and wound to the exact specifications of the original instrument, this ensures that the tone is as faithfully restored to the original as closely as possible.


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